From the Founders — Introducing Finvar Capnote

Discover The Future of Financial Analysis

Every financial professional or investor knows what it feels like to have too much to do in limited time. We all need to process large amounts of data as quickly as possible for a piece of analysis. Sometimes, the data and analysis in question may not be fully within your area of expertise. Many times, professionals and investors may not even have access to a good financial platform. Subscriptions to the typical financial data platforms are known for being notoriously expensive and have become good targets for cost-cutting rounds within departments. In that moment, when there is a lot to do, more to learn and a time-crunch, it becomes clear that the historic financial tools are no longer able to meet all your needs.

Capnote, a modern financial analysis platform, was designed by financial professionals for such a time. From decades of professional experience in financial services and institutional investing, the creators of Capnote have developed an affordable analytical platform powered by algorithms and machine learning, aimed at enhancing financial productivity, decision-making and education. Access to Capnote is available for use on a free and premium basis, presented in an aesthetically pleasing environment with a user experience that is more intuitive and familiar for all. It’s core function is to continuously aggregate and process data from a variety of sources and deliver personalized insights to each user in an easy to understand form. Typical financial platforms have not adequately evolved with the times. Whilst they may have some good data, they are often expensive, outdated and do not understand the changing needs of financial professionals and investors across all levels of their careers.

The Capnote team is dedicated to continuously ensuring that this platform is able to accurately understand our users’ objectives, provide them relevant automated assistance and help them improve their capabilities as they use the platform. Professionals and investors will also be able to network and connect with colleagues, specialists and potential clients. Certain users may even be able to earn income directly on the platform.

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